Happy 7 Wonders Day

On 7 July (07.07) the 7 Wonders Day I like to encourage people to be active — in every sense — not only to celebrate the officially elected New 7 Wonders of the World, but also to come up with their own ideas of wonders.
On this day I invite everyone to become active in the preservation of our heritage: Take your family and friends to the location of your wonder, and share your happiness with others.

7 Wonders Day recurs every year on 7 July (07.07) and the goal of the initiative is to inspire, to wonder and to celebrate the elected Wonders while raising the profile of Global Memory in a positive and motivating way. Coordinated by the New 7 Wonders Foundation, 7 Wonders Day is led by the slogan “A day to wonder!”. 7 Wonders Day explores how everyone – as a group or as individuals – can play a part in celebrating our heritage and reflecting on what people can do to ensure that this remains a wonderful world.

I have devoted my life and time to do and promote positive things because fighting negative forces is a waste – every force needs resistance to grow – so whatever you are fighting against, in fact you are doing that very force a favor and helping getting stronger.

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