About me

I believe that as long as I share some of my luck with others this very luck will stay with me. And I truly believe in sharing because life is more generous that we can imagine. When you give, and this can be material things as much as immaterial concepts like thoughts and inspiration to others, you never know how often the gift will be returned.

My mother Heidi, Bernard (me) & St. Bernhard (the dog)

And as contradictory as it may sound, freedom is not easy to handle because it leaves everything in life open and you have to make your own choices. When you are not free you have something to battle against and fight for, but when you have freedom you have no more resistance to fight – you are in a void. It takes courage to confront this void and hold on till your subconscious tells you what to do. When people ask me how did you get the job with New7Wonders. I respond: “By creating it myself.” But how to you create such a job? is their next question. Well, here is my simple answer and advice: if you have a passion, and I am pretty sure that anyone can find one or already has a hidden one, you turn this in your life’s work. For example, many children today grow up with mobile phones and computers and they are very excited about what they can do with these devices. Well, the most logical step for me would be to learn about how these devices function. By the way, if you were living in Germany you’d be guaranteed a highly-paid job as a programmer because there are openinings for 60,000 programmers in Germany. So much for job creation.

“Freedom is not free”

“Freedom is not free” was written on bench I rested on somewhere in California, during a trip when I was still a student.

A few words about me

bernard-wbeerI have had a varied career as a film maker, aviator, adventurer & author, museum curator, founder & president of N7W. Fluent in five languages, I am a Swiss-born Canadian and I have spent a lot of my life travelling the world and experiencing the rare sense of adventure and inspiration that comes from encountering different cultures. I come from a small country at the centre of the European continent where one is practically forced to cross borders for any kind of travel. As soon as I was old enough to explore the world, I discovered that travel is one of the great pleasures in life. It is not only a ‘disappearance’, a way of escaping our usual life and work routines; but also an adventure that allows one to see the extraordinary beauty of the earth and the grandeur of human accomplishment.

Aviation has enabled people to experience, within a space of several years, what would have taken 500 years to experience in the past when transport was so much slower and often impossible. It is precisely such a global perspective that led me to embark upon The New 7 Wonders of the World project. The renowned Ancient Wonders belonged to antiquity and, with the exception of the Pyramids, none remains in existence. There has never been any true public consensus of opinion on the last 2,000 years of human achievement, so the beginning of the new millennium struck me as a poignant historical moment for determining. The Official New 7 Wonders of the World. The internet is perhaps the only democratic means of distributing information around the world since it is free to everyone who has access to a computer and telephone network, and that is why I urged the world’s citizens to participate in this free vote  and pay tribute to our collective global heritage. I started this project with the spectacular landing of an amphibian aircraft in Sydney Harbour on 15th September 2000, a week prior to the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games. The event was aired by global and national television stations all over the world. My goal is to eventually record and document the New7Wonders on digital 3D media so that future generations can see what these very special monuments and natural sites were at the dawn of the third millennium. These New 7 Wonders shall become Global Memory, 7 things that everyone can remember.