Why the passion for car restoration? I can only guess, but I believe that in the past, especially during the 20th century, the car replaced the horse as the synonym for hunting and discovering the world. Today, a vintage car is a time-machine to propel me into the realm of the senses. After working a full day at my computer there is no better way to awaken the God-given senses instantly: The unique shape of the car (for the eyes/seeing), the smell when you open the door (for the nose/smelling), the touch when you glide your hand over the dashboard and the steering wheel (for the hands/touching) and the sound when you start up the engine (for the ears/hearing) is a symphony of senses, a combination unique to old automobiles.”- always old unique models turned into beautifully restored versions – what to look for in a classic car Knowledge is Value. To truly appreciate an old car you need to know about its history and it conception. Each car was made for a very different reason and purpose because the creators gave themselves different challenges, be it designed for racing, sports, cruising or purely commuting. Plus, each car has a life of its own defined by it owners. That is what we call the history of the car. The very best cars are the ones that have had only one owner because if someone keeps a car for 30 years or more you can be sure that they took good care of it. There are other cars that changed hands many times because they are so desirable that every owner could have fun with it and even sell it for more than he actually bought it for. A nice way to finance pleasure.