We were invited for a lunch meeting with the lady in charge of the archaeological and monument sites of Istanbul. We ate in her impeccably restored office building in the most beautiful Sultan’s gardens. By the way, the most efficient way to get there was by tram…but what a tram! New, air-conditioned and almost floating on air…the most comfortable tram ride I ever had…even much better then the trams back home in Switzerland, unbelievable.

Anyways, as we had lunch with Mrs. Ersön, more and more of her staff members sat down and joined us. At the end of lunch, we must have been at least a dozen people…and after eating excellent oriental food, the fun really started…the grande dame offered to read our future in the Turkish coffee grounds. We had to turn our cups upside-down and she read whatever was left inside when we turned them back up.: Markus, our young (and handsome, if I can judge) World Tour organizer was guaranteed to meet a blonde whose name starts with an S along our route, and was told that he must have left all his problems at home. As for N7W, the coffee grounds very clearly predicted great things—the main message being that nothing can stop the World Tour … inshallah!

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