After arriving at our hotel in Istanbul, we took a little stroll through the very picturesque restaurant area near the fishing harbor. Here, we were amazingly surprised by the witty approach that the head waiters have taken towards the tourists to lure them into their restaurants….”welcome to the worst place in Istanbul!”…”eat today, pay in a month”…etc. The same goes for the ice-cream vendor in the extremely busy night section of town. He juggles with an ice cream that must be a mixture with some kind of nougat that sticks just enough to be taken off the cone just as his poor would-be customer tries to gets a hold of it. Next thing, he is taking you for a real ride, waving your ice cream stuck to his immense long spoon for the laughter of everyone. He wiggles it away just as you try to take a bite, dips it into nuts, then makes the cone fly up into the air and into some chocolate when you think you finally have it … Tia, our PR person, had tears of laughter in her eyes…quite a fun and different show!

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