Home of Global Memory

A unique physical and at the same time virtual and interactive icon. A multi-purpose, high-tech arena. In function and size, similar to the Third Millennium’s Colosseum. Built with the same concept and dimensions as the original stadiums from 2000 years ago, but equipped with the latest digital and interactive technologies it is honoring the past, celebrating the present and shaped by the future.

A place where everyone can leave his digital mark and imprint forever on our planet!

A living monument, whose powerful dramatic outer sur- face is composed of the images of the people themselves, around the world online as well as live at the Wall of Won- ders itself – pictures blending together into a huge mosaic image to create a continuously dynamic and changing wall.

Inside, a new dimension will open up: a fully functioning, versatile stadium and arena where virtual 3D and 4D shows will take place. Like for example recreating the wonders themselves as if they were there.

The heart of the actual Home of Global Memory, the underground vault, is also the control centre where all the New7Wonders global voting data is safely kept, where currentand future campaigns will be coordinated, where the shows are produced, where artefacts and samples from the voted wonders are curated.

Here also water is stored and recycled as it is used for air conditioning and the vapour clouds that provide the three dimensional canvas for the virtual shows.
All combined this will make for an exciting and unforgettable visitor experience.

The Home of Global Memory is destined to become a new worldwide attraction – something never seen before existing and interactive in the real world as well as in the virtual space and back again into a new reality: Into humanity’s Third Life.