Seven is the one

When Philon of Byzantium declared the Ancient 7 Wonders, the then-known world was very small, spanning around the Eastern part of the Mediterranean Sea. Today, of course, we are aware of the 7 continents that make up the globe—our known world is much larger than that of 2,000 years ago. Should this mean that there should be, instead of only 7, maybe 21, 100, or why not even 1,000 New Wonders of the World? This logical question has been asked often over the past years. However, it is not only in tribute to the original Greek concept that New7Wonders has stuck with the number 7 in the first campaign and now in the current campaign … there is another very interesting and important reason for this. It is a fact that 7 is not only a magical number, but also a very practical one: 7 things is exactly the number of things that the average person can remember.

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