A bee’s nest

This project sat we me since 2002! I had thought that the 7 Wonders campaign was going to be done in two years after its start with the new millennium. In 2002 I had the opportunity to present the 7 Symbols of Peace project to the then President of the IOC (International Olympic Committee) Jacques Rogge in Lausanne. The idea was to do this project jointly. But Mr. Rogge gave me some reality checks: first he said that if I was going to work with him, it was going to be like sticking my finger into a bees nest, explaining that whatever he suggests to the International Committees would first be opposed and secondly the IOC continuously has tried to have Peace, pausing war activities during the Olympic games like it was the rule two thousand years ago in ancient Greece. My response to him was: as long as investors invest in arms industries there will be war, only once investments will flow more into Peace industries Peace will stand a chance!

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