Granada, Spain

As the day broke, the rain that had soaked Granada during the night stopped and dawn announced itself with some clear spots in the sky!

Were we again going to be lucky? I couldn’t believe that the Turkish coffee grounds should one more time prove to be right!

As the airship crew got their things ready, our WT coordinator, Markus, rushed to the airport to take one last chance at finding our N7W logo backdrop for the press conference, which had been lost en route from Madrid to Grenada.Had it finally arrived, just in the nick of time?! The answer ended up being yes – incredibly.

The most efficient and charming women-power Alhambra administration did their part for a most pleasant N7W World Tour visit. And, like magic, everything worked out in tune and perfect sync.

When the dignitaries, the Mayor of Granada, the most charming Directora of the Alhambra, Dr. Maria Villafranca, our film crew, myself and many TV crews and photographers got together in the Royal court of the Alhambra (the famous one with the reflecting pool!) for the handover ceremony of the official candidacy certificate, the New7Wonders airship (perfectly piloted by our giant, over-two-meter-tall airship pilot named Kilo) made a low-altitude passage over the courtyard. It gave me, and I am sure many more people present in the courtyard, goosebumps!

What a great way to successfully conclude the European leg of our WorldTour – at the Alhambra, a monument that embodies perfectly the spirit of New7Wonders, tolerance and acceptance of the diversity of cultures! (To the original Arab/Moorish fortress and palaces, many more buildings also representing Christianity have been added on the grounds of the Alhambra without destroying what was left by the previous civilization.)

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