Stonehenge, Amesbury, England

We arrived at Heathrow airport to the most pleasant warm fall weather that felt like summer… But the weather forecast for the next day told a different story. Indeed, in the late afternoon the sky over the green English countryside became covered with clouds and it started to rain. Because I was trying to hook up on the Internet to send some pictures taken in Paris to a press agency from our roadside hotel, we missed filming what film insiders call the “golden hour,” that moment when the sun is setting but the glow is still there, completely.

I never could hook up in our little, very rudimentary hotel next to a gas station on the A303, but, funnily enough, the quaint and historic-looking English pub called the “Swan’s Inn” nearby had a free Wireless-LAN connection! It became not only our favorite place to eat great, homemade food (!) but also the N7W headquarters during our stay in England. On top, this place was run by a staff of very friendly and accommodating people, British hospitality at its best!

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