What strikes me most is the open friendliness and warmth of the people in the city streets. Many Greek have come back to Greece from other parts of the world where their parents had emigrated. I have met Greeks from Australia, from Canada, USA, Germany, even an 80-year -old Greek man from Tanzania. They all have returned to their mother country of Greece to enjoy the quality of life back at their roots that they had missed by being born in a distant country. Quite amazing to me, I never thought that these bonds could be so strong!

As we were doing the interviews with local people who live and work around the Acropolis, many of them shopkeepers and waiters, it came to my mind to ask them for how much they would sell me the Acropolis if they could (just like some smart guy went around selling the Eiffel Tower last century!). This question provoked almost an outcry and upset peopleā€”it was extremely interesting to hear why they would never sell the Acropolis. You will be able to see all this on TV next spring.

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